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Heavy industrial and manufacturing users rely upon a suitable infrastructure and cost-efficient transport

Manufacturing and distributions operations typically require facilities that have requirements that are unique and specific. Most manufacturing properties feature a heavy industrial infrastructure, overhead crane capabilities with varying capacity and span range flexibility, direct rail access and suitable storage.

Bridge cranes serve the steel industry Rail transport is fuel-efficient


Midd Cities Industrial Park, strategically located in Southwest Ohio, offers a large selection of overhead crane buildings in the Midwest and can accommodate a wide variety of client requirements which are to manufacturing or steel service center operations. This site features multiple crane-served buildings with CSX rail access.

The U.S. Midwest is ideally suited for manufacturing and distribution operations

The Southwest Ohio region, in particular, represents exceptional business expansion and relocation opportunities. It is one of the largest industrial, distribution and manufacturing areas in the United States largely because it has a heavy industrial infrastructure in place and it’s centrally located.
Two major intersecting rail lines; three rivers for shipping; and network of major Interstate highways provide competitive access to major ports and key markets.

Ohio regional map

More companies have invested in Ohio than any other Midwest state, because taxes are lower for manufacturers; the workforce is skilled and educated; and the state offers many incentives to attract and keep businesses in Ohio. Find out why successful companies around the world are choosing Ohio as the best location for their U.S. operations.